High pressure air compressor refrigerated air dryer
High pressure air compressor refrigerated air dryer
High pressure air compressor refrigerated air dryer
High pressure air compressor refrigerated air dryer
High pressure air compressor refrigerated air dryer
High pressure air compressor refrigerated air dryer
US $600
Min. Order
1 unit

Item specifics

Air inlet temp
Cooling way
Ambient temp
Pressure dew point
Air inlet pressure
Heat exchanger
plate-fin heat exchanger
Place of origin
Hangzhou, China
18 months
depend on requirement

Product review


Product Name:SLAD Series Air Cooled Refrigerated Air Dryer
Air Inlet  Pressure
0.6-1.6 Mpa
Air Inlet Temp
20-60 ℃
Ambient Temp
5-50 ℃
Cooling method
Air cooled type
Dew Point
2-10  ℃
Heat Exchanger
Aluminum Plate Fin Type
Main Features

1. Air inlet pressure:0.6-1.6MPa
Air inlet temp:20-60 ℃
Ambient temp:5-50 ℃

2. Three-in-one design for all series: Heat exchanger, Evaporator and Gas-liquid Separator be combined 
together with compact size.
3. Energy saving of 20% for compressor power.
4. Bigger pre cooler and back heating design to reduce the 15% load for the evaporator to reduce the cost.
5. Standard configuration of real time display the dew point
6. Standard configuration of expansion valve and hot gas by pass valve
7. Standard configuration of electronic drainer

Main Components
Our Factory
Hangzhou Shanli Purify Equipment Corporation is an enterprise specialized in design, development
and production of compressed air dryers, filters and other purification equipments. Our company has a workshop of 
30, 000 square meters and more than 300 staff. Shanli has become one of the largest refrigerated air dryer manufacturers
in the Chinese purification industry with the top sales turnover. Our self-design and self-made equipment is compatible with many famous brands of air compressor to efficiently remove water, oil and dustfrom compressed air. 
Why to choose Shanli?
1.Technical Force
Technical research and development capabilities: 35 R & D personnel, including five senior engineers, 12 engineers, 18 assistant engineers. (Innovation) Award Fund has set up, the company so far has 30 patents.
2.Famous Accesories and OEM for world brn
Shanli has a widely product line:
Refrigerator Compressed Air Dryer
Air cooled Refrigerator  air dryer,water cooled Refrigerator  air dryer,normal temperature Refrigerator  air
dryer and high temperatuer Refrigerator  air dryer.
Adsorbent Air Dryer
Shanli provide Heatless Adsorbent  air dryer,heated Adsorbent  air dryer,Heat of Compression Adsorbent  air dryer
and Blower Purge Adsorbent  air dryer.
Energy saving Products
It includes Zero purge Heat of Compression Adsorbent  air dryer,Zero purge Blower Purge Adsorbent  air dryer and 
Combined air dryer
Other Products
This series include Pre-cooler, Industry  chiller, Heat recovery unit, compressed air filter for air dryer and air filter element.
Packing & Delivery
Our standard packing is with wooden case
Wooden case without fumigation or other packing as per your requirement 
Fumigation wooden case packing and other special packing requirement is available.


Common delivery date is 25 days after receiving the 


1. What is Shanli business type?

Factory located in Hangzhou
Factory covers an area of 30,000m2
Employees,over 300 people
2. What are your main products?
Refrigerated air dryer
Adsorption air dryer
Combined refrigerated and adsorption air dryer
Water chiller
Oil filter
Dust filter

3. How to make order?

Communicate with our salesman
Provide your customized technical parameters
Offer you a price as your requirement
Payment term,shipping packing
Start the bulk production after receiving your deposit
Forwarder books the cargo
Delivery the goods and balanced after receiving the copy of B/L
Welcome your second order and further more orders in future

Contact Us

Hangzhou Shanli Purify Equipment Corp.

Add: No.8,Liangzhan Road, Renhe Street,Hangzhou, 311107, China



Email: shanli@shanlipurify.com

Website: www.shanlidryer.com