low dew point Air cooled refrigeration and desiccant combining air dryer
low dew point Air cooled refrigeration and desiccant combining air dryer
low dew point Air cooled refrigeration and desiccant combining air dryer
low dew point Air cooled refrigeration and desiccant combining air dryer
low dew point Air cooled refrigeration and desiccant combining air dryer
low dew point Air cooled refrigeration and desiccant combining air dryer

Item specifics

Air inlet temperature
Oil Content
Air consumption
Pressure dew point
-40°C (standard type)
Air inlet pressure
Pressure loss
3-5% of inlet pressure
Place of origin
Hangzhou, China
AC 380V-50HZ/ AC220V-50HZ
Cycling time
T=40 min

Product review



●Lower dew point: -40℃ for normal.-70℃ for special requirement

●Lower Air consumption: 3%-5%

●Patented design in water separator: 99.9% water be separated

●Refrigerant compressor: Danfoss, Performer, Bitzer, Copeland, Maneurop, Fusheng

●Refrigerant control: Danfoss,Emerson,Sprolan

●Using high performance activated alumina with long life

●Various Control system on your request

●High quality and efficient heat exchanger and condenser

Working Principle

Combined air dryer consists of a refrigerated and a desiccant air dryer. Refrigerated air dryers has a strong water remove capability. While desiccant air dryer can reach a lower dew point -70℃.The air consumption is only 1/5 of the normal desiccant air dryer. The prominent advantages are energy saving and high quality low dew point air.

Combined Type Air Dryer
Model    Flow capacityDesiccantAir connection diameterRefrigeration powerAir from fanFan′s powerVoltageWeightLengthWidthHeight
Nm3/mincfm (kg) (HP) (Nm3/h)(W)(V) (kg)(mm)(mm)(mm)
SDZF-12.54240G1" 1/213301×10022044011009002050
SDZF-22.58840G1" 1/213301×10022044011009002050
SDZF-4.5517686G1 1/2"1.545001×230220660129010302263
SDZF-66.8240.3112G1 1/2"253402×135220775150011601931
Refrigerated air dryer and desiccant air dryer work shop :

1.Air dryer gas liquid separator uses a three-stage separation: direct collision separation high speed centrifugal

separation stainless steel wire mesh demister separator. 

2.Domestic evaporator welding is basically using copper pipe welding, distribution pipe and collecting pipe

welding contact surface is small, poor welding strength and easily lead to false welding. We use the domestic

latest pull whole process, a great increase in the copper welding surface. It resolves the evaporator leakage

problem in present market basically. 

3.The new designed air dryer uses stainless steel triple plate or alloy aluminum plate to replace the traditional

carbon steel material, avoid the secondary pollution problems from carbon steel corrosion and reduce the risk of

leakage. Greatly enhance the product performance, reduce the size of equipment, but also bring visual aesthetics

to the customer.

Export pack of refrigerated and desiccant combined air dryer :

Company Frofile

Established in 1997, Hangzhou Shanli Purify Equipment Corporation is an enterprise specialized in design, development

 and production of compressed air dryers, filters and other purification equipments. Our company has a workshop of 

30, 000 square meters and more than 300 staff. Shanli has become one of the largest refrigerated air dryer manufacturers

in the Chinese purification industry with the top sales turnover. Our self-design and self-made equipment is compatible with many

 famous brands of air compressor to efficiently remove water, oil and dustfrom compressed air. On basis of IS0 9001 

certification standard, our design, production, test and services of the machine are all well managed and strictly 

controlled since year 2001.