Refrigerated compressed air dryers For Air Compressor SLAD-0.5NF .Made in CHINA
Refrigerated compressed air dryers For Air Compressor SLAD-0.5NF .Made in CHINA
Refrigerated compressed air dryers For Air Compressor SLAD-0.5NF .Made in CHINA
Refrigerated compressed air dryers For Air Compressor SLAD-0.5NF .Made in CHINA
Refrigerated compressed air dryers For Air Compressor SLAD-0.5NF .Made in CHINA
Refrigerated compressed air dryers For Air Compressor SLAD-0.5NF .Made in CHINA
US $200-270
1 unit

Item specifics

Refrigerated air dryer for air compressor
Air inlet pressure
Air inlet temp
≤60 C
Ambient temp
≤50 C
Pressure Dew Point
3-5 C
Heat Exchanger
Aluminum Plate Fin Type
Power Supply
OEM or ODM Service



Technical Specifications

General Specification:

Air Capacity:17-10594 cfm/0.5-300m3/min 

Working pressure: 0.6-1.6 MPa 

Air Inlet temperature: 15-60C

Ambient temperature: 5-50C

Cooling Method: air-cooled

Power: 220V/380V/50Hz or 60Hz

Refrigerant: R134a /R407C /R404A

*Rated condition:

inlet pressure 0.7MPa,

Inlet temp 38C

Ambient temperature 38C

PDP 2-10C

OEM and ODM service is available.

Compressor:Hitachi or Bitzer

Hot gas by pass valve:Danfoss

Automatic expansion valve:Danfoss

Heat Exchanger:Aluminum plate fin type

Auto Drain:Electric Drainer

Note: Refrigerator air dryer without metal box board for over 80 m3/ min. 

Other special standards can be customized.


1.Using industry circulation water as the cooling medium and suitable for hot environment.

2.Counter flow design in heat exchanger with high efficient and small size

3.3 stage separation patented design in steam separator:direct colliion type,low speed centifugation and

  stainless wire demist.The result is 99% separation efficiency and low dew point.

4.Famous brands refrigeration compressor,such as Performer,Bitzer,Copeland with steady running,low noise,high 

  cop,energy saving and long life

5.Famous refrigerated control components like Danfoss,Emerson,Sporlan

6.Real-time display the operation parameter.

Working Principle

Refrigerant air dryer makes the water vapor in the compressed air condenses into droplets through cooling so as to achieve the 

purpose of reducing moisture content. Condensed droplets are discharged by the automatic drainage system.


1. Cooling medium compressor   6. Manual valve    11. Hot gas by-pass valve
2. Air condenser     7. Cooling medium sight glass     12. Water volume adjustable valve
3. Water condenser      8. Expansion valve    13. Pre-cooling gas
4. Magnetic valve        9. Automatic drainer 14. Evaporator
5. Drying filter    10. Gas water separator 15. Effective separator

Performance Parameters

Air Cooled Refrigerated Air Dryer
SLAD-0.5NF11 0.653923 2201x50G1"45640450650
SLAD-1NF20 1.27242 2201x50G1"70700470670
SLAD-2NF42 2.5150107 2201x100G1"110700570749
SLAD-3NF60 3.6216127 2201x135G1"130750570750
SLAD-4.5NF83 5300177 2201x230G1 1/2"150920640759
SLAD-6NF113 6.8408240 2202x135G1 1/2"1601050640762
SLAD-8NF142 8.5510300 2202x135G2"2009807501238
SLAD-10NF182 10.9654385 3802x190G2"25010907701238
SLAD-12NF213 12.8768452 3802x190G2"25010907701238
SLAD-15NF267 16960565 3802x190DN6531014607501604
SLAD-20NF367 221320777 3802x230DN6541016708001623
SLAD-25NF447 26.81608947 3802x230DN8054018208001673
SLAD-30NF533 3219201131 3802x420DN8064019008601855
SLAD-40NF725 43.526101537 3803x230DN10074022009301920
SLAD-50NF883 5331801873 3803x420DN10088024509002090
SLAD-60NF1117 6740202368 3804x420DN1251010214014501767
SLAD-80NF1500 9054003180 3804x550DN1251300207016001986
SLAD-100NF1833 11066003887 380/3/506x550DN1502000270016001996

Company Information

Hangzhou Shanli Purify Equipment Corporation is an enterprise specialized in design, development

and production of compressed air dryers, filters and other purification equipments. Our company has a workshop of 

30, 000 square meters and more than 300 staff. Shanli has become one of the largest refrigerated air dryer manufacturers

in the Chinese purification industry with the top sales turnover. Our self-design and self-made equipment is compatible with many

famous brands of air compressor to efficiently remove water, oil and dustfrom compressed air. 

Why to chose Shanli?

1. Quality:

1.Heat exchanger adopts counter‐current design, heat transfer effect is great.

2.The main parts are renowned brands: 

   Refrigeration Compressors: Hitachi, Copeland, Performer, Bitzer

   Expansion and Bypass Valves: Danfoss, Sporlan, Emerson

   Electrical: Display dew point temperature, direct response to the device's true performance

   Drainage: Electric discharge

3.Configuration and color and other non‐standard requirements can be customized.

4.Real time display the dew point.

2. Customer:

Shanli customers:D.I.T air dryer,SMC air dryer,WALKER air dryer,KAESER air dryer,Boomwade air dryer

,August air dryer,Elgi air dryer,Rotocomp air dryer,Air plus air dryer,Parker air dryer

1Atlas Copco
2BOGE Kompressoren
3Ingersoll Rand
4CompAir Air Compressors
5Sinopec Group
6      Sullair Asia        

3. Scale:

● Shanli purify has become one of  largest manufacturers in purifying industry of China with annual sales turnover USD 22 million. 

● Shanli air dryer has a wide range of customers who have full faith in our service delivery, warranty, quality and workmanship.

4.Comprehensive Product Line

Refrigerant air dryer

Shanli supply Refrigerant air dryer,air dryer for air compressor,Industrial air dryer and 

Refrigerated compressed air dryer.

Desiccant Air Dryer

Shanli provide Heatless adsorbent air dryer,heated adsorption air dryer,Heat of Compression desiccant air dryer and 

Blower Purge adsorption air dryer.

Energy ‐ saving Products

It includes Zero purge Heat of Compression adsorption air dryer,Zero purge Blower Purge desiccant air dryer and 

Combined type air dryer

Other Products

This series include Pre-cooler machineWater chillerHeat recovery unit for air compressorair Filter and air filter element.

5.Technical Force

Technical research and development capabilities: 35 R& D personnel, including five senior engineers, 12 engineers, 18 

assistantengineers. (Innovation) Award Fund has set up, the company so far has 30patents.

Product Applications

Shanli refrigerated air dryers are widely used in industry such as pharmaceutical industry,automobile making,textile

industry,war industry,iron and steel industry,petroleum and petrochemical,Electronics Industry

Package and Shipment

 Packing details: Wooden crate pallet plus foam board and bubble film, Full closed wooden case. 1pcs/each package 

Where to find us?

Maktek Eurasia 2016 Turkey 



2016 Indonesia International Manufacturing

Q:Is Shanli a top ten supplier in air dryer industry?

A:Shanli is the biggest air dryer manufacture in China:

   Established in 1997

   New workshop covers 30, 000 M2

   Over 300 professional staff

  CE and ISO 9001:2008 certification

   The most 26 patents among the industry

   Annual output of 12,000 sets of equipment

   Export to 100 different countries

   Sales voume in 2016 with 30 million USD

   OEM service for Boge and supporting supplier for Atlas,Compair,Ingersoll Rand

Q:What about the delivery?

A:The delivery is 25 days after receiving the payment.

Q:What about the payment?

A:100% T/T before shipment or 30% T/T in advance and balanced before shipment.

Q:Quality Assurance

A:100% inspection before shipment,18 months warranty.

Q:What about your after-sale service?

A:Shanli can appoint engineer for overseas service.