Factory Price Heat Exchanger Waste Heat Recovery Unit
Factory Price Heat Exchanger Waste Heat Recovery Unit
Factory Price Heat Exchanger Waste Heat Recovery Unit
Factory Price Heat Exchanger Waste Heat Recovery Unit
Factory Price Heat Exchanger Waste Heat Recovery Unit

Item specifics

Air compressor Power
22 KW
Recovery efficiency
16 KW
Water inlet and outlet temp
5 ℃ of normal water & 60 ℃ of heated water
Max hot water output
244 kg/h
Oil tube diameter
Water tube diameter
Customized by different compressors
Reduced CO2 emission
48 ton per year
Saved electric cost
12,700 USD
1 year

Product review


Shanli air dryer detail information

Product name: Heat Recovery System

Product model: SRPS-22ZR-O-N


● Heat recovery is a method of salvaging a portion of the energywasted by inefficient Heating, Venting, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. 

● HVAC systems have a limited efficiencydue to the laws of thermodynamics and inherent inefficiencieswith real applications. 

● Energy that would be used for work isinstead dissipated in the form of heat. 

● Heat recovery units(HRUs) harness some of this energy and redirect it for a morepractical use. 

● HRUs are typically found in applications thatrequire both heating and cooling.

Technical Features

● Built into air compressor , customized and integrally formed;

● Precise control of the oil temperature between 82-88;

● Air outlet temperature below 50;

● Lubricant consumption save 20%;

● compactand easy to maintain;

● Avoid pipeline Oil leaking;

● Economicaland cost-effective.

Working Principle

● Thesystem can be applied to recycle most of refrigerator heat in an oil-free andwater-cool air compressor. 

● This recyclable part of refrigerator heat accountsfor 80%-95% of input shaft power. 

● If a MD air dryer is installed in the rear ofthe compressor, the recovery rate falls by approximately 9%-25%, the energy ofwhich is restored for the regeneration during drying process.

Performance Parameters

Package and Shipment

 Packing details: Wooden crate pallet plus foam board and bubble film, Full closed wooden case. 1pcs/each package (for stationary desiccant air dryer)

 Transportations: sea transport,  rail transport, air transport, road transport, LCL/ FCL container transport  or as requested

 Trade terms: FOB, CFR, CIF and EXW, DDP, etc.

 Delivery time: in 20 days after receiving deposit (customized machines not included)

Company Information

● Hangzhou Shanli Purify Equipment Corp., was formed in 1997, as a compressed air solutions company. 

● The workshop at integrated engineers and contractors has a dedicated team, which is continuously engaged in upbringing of new technologies for greater efficiency. 

● The company was involved in supplying of refrigerated air dryers, desiccant air dryers, compressed air filters, oil water separators and water chillers as a manufacturer, exporter and supplier. 


1. Quality:

● Certification: CE, ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and 26 patents to ensure unmatched quality of our product assortment.

● Stringent quality control mechanism: updating the involved technology as per prevailing international standards;

● Stable performance: using premium grade raw material from highly reputed manufacturers, like Danfoss, Emerson, Performer, Bitzer, Fusheng, Sprolan;

2. Customer:

● Some of major cooperated customers (from our wide range of customers ) have been enlisted below for reference:

1Atlas Copco
2BOGE Kompressoren
3Ingersoll Rand
4CompAir Air Compressors
5Sinopec Group
6      Sullair Asia        

3. Scale:

● Shanli has become one of  largest manufacturers in purifying industry of China with annual sales turnover USD 22 million. 

● Shanli has a wide range of customers who have full faith in our service delivery, warranty, quality and workmanship.

Product Applications

There are still some areas and applications where Shanli air dryers can be used, such as power construction, packing food, making ship, cleaning medical molding,removing EDM recast and discoloration, finishing and texturing injection mold cavities, cleaning orifices in turbine blades, engraving optical lenses,cleaning and preparation of semi-precious stones and jewelry, etc.


Hangzhou Shanli Purify Equipment Corp.

Add: No.8,Liangzhan Road, Renhe Street,Hangzhou, 311107, China



Email: shanli@shanlipurify.com

Website: www.shanlidryer.com