China best high-selection blower heated desiccant air dryer

China best high-selection blower heated desiccant air dryer
China best high-selection blower heated desiccant air dryer
China best high-selection blower heated desiccant air dryer
China best high-selection blower heated desiccant air dryer
China best high-selection blower heated desiccant air dryer

Item specifics

Air inlet temperature
Air inlet prseeure
Air consumption
Pressure dew point
-40°C (standard type)
Inlet oil content
Pressure loss
≤3% of inlet pressure
Place of origin
Hangzhou, China
PLC control
Depend on your requirement

Product review


Product name: Blower heated desiccant air dryer

Product model: SDXG-120I

Product info

  Regenerative desiccant dryers use desiccant media to dry compressed air through the process of adsorption. Dry air with dew points of either -20°C, -30°C, or -40°C can be achieved. These extremely low dew points are necessary in critical compressed air applications or for those in extremely cold environments where any moisture remaining in the air would freeze inside compressed air system piping, resulting in blocked flow.

Customer benefits

●High efficient and energy saving;

●Lower dew point;

●Less gas consumption;

●Less pressure loss;

●Quality switch valves with high stable and reliable;

●Special air diffusion & automatic regeneration to extend desiccant life time;

●Highly reliable programmable logic control (PLC);

●Three-stage drainage features.

Working Principle of regenerative air dryer

During dryer operation, the desiccant media is used to dry the air followed by a period of regeneration when the media is purged of the moisture it collects so it can be used again for drying. Twin-tower design of our dryers allows simultaneous air drying and desiccant regeneration - without interruption of compressed air flow.


1. Gas inlet valve2. Gas drain valve3. Silencer
4. Regenerative one-way valve3. Gas outlet one-way valveA.B. Adsorptive tower

Model Specification and Performance Parameter

Technical Specification of Zero Purge Consumption Type
ModelAir CapacityConnection  DiameterHeater  PowerBlower  PowerBlower FanDesiccant WeightEquipment WeightDevice  Size
(Mm3/min)cfmKWKW(Nm/min)   (kg)     (kg) mm
SDXG-20I   22775DN65121.753.660620002110×1100×2470

Package and Shipment

 PackingDetails: Wooden crate pallet plus foam board and bubble film, Full closedwooden case. 1pcs/each package (for stationary screw air compressor)

 Shippingmethod: by sea, by LCL/FCL or as requested

 Deliverymethod: FOB, CFR, CIF and EXW, etc.

 Deliverytime: in 30 days after receiving deposit (customized machines not included)

Company and factory information

Hangzhou Shanli Purify Equipment Corp., was formed in 1997, as a Compressed Air Solutions Company. The company was involved in supplying of refrigerated air dryers,regenerative air dryers, compressed air filters, oil water separators and water chillers as a manufacturer, exporter and supplier. In a very short span of time, the company has emerged as one of the leading manufacturer, exporter, supplier, trader, distributor and service providers of Air Dryers,  Filters and Pneumatic applications. The company benefits from the highly trained technical staff, which provides consultancy to various industries in improving the efficiency of their Pneumatic Systems.The workshop at Integrated Engineers and Contractors has a dedicated team, which is continuously engaged in upbringing of new technologies for greater efficiency. The company has a wide range of customers who have full faith in their service delivery,warranty, quality and workmanship.


1. Quality:

Our quality conscious approach constantly motivates us to maintain superior industrial and international standards in our overall business activity. We have implemented a stringent quality control mechanism to ensure unmatched quality of our product assortment. We make use of premium grade raw material that are sourced from only highly reputed manufacturers/vendors. We have also appointed an expert team of quality controllers, who inspect the complete process work at every step of product development till final packaging & delivery of our products. 

Our entire range is thoroughly tested in our modern quality testing laboratory. The lab is well equipped with latest testing instruments and equipment that enable us to carry out performance and allied tests. Further, to ascertain maximum satisfaction of our clients, we also give the privilege to test the products in their presence.

Our team of quality monitoring professionals undertake various steps at different stages ensuring that the end products offered meet desirable performance & durability standards. Inspected and certified by the various inspection agencies, the quality control measures undertaken also assure us that the components & parts manufactured meet the laid down specifications and standards.  Further, we also keep on updating the involved technology as per prevailing international standards, which ensures production of highly performance oriented equipment that provide complete value for client's money.

2. Our suppliers list:

Some of the major suppliers (from our wide range of suppliers ) have been enlisted below for reference:

                             VALUED SUPPLIERS
       1                                                   Sullair Asia                                                                        
       2                                                Sinopec Group
       3                                                  Atlas Copco
       4                                                   BYD Global
       5                                       CompAir Air Compressors
       6                                           BOGE Kompressoren

3. SHANLI certification:

Product applications

SHANLI air dryers are used for both Industrial Applications and Residential/Home Applications. Although main and widely usage of air dryers are being found in industrial applications in many industries, there are still some areas and applications in non-commercial zone where air dryers are used.


Hangzhou ShanliPurify Equipment Corp.

Add: No.8,Liangzhan Road, Renhe Street,Hangzhou, 311107, China