Our staff is continually trained in navigating all aspects of compressed air system, to provide the best assistance and support to employees and employers.

Benefits and Claims Specialists
Our experts have extensive experience in employee benefits or claims management for health plans. Benefits specialists round out our service center team.

Infrastructure Support Staff
Our IT team has extensive experience and training, including senior-level experience in applications, data and systems architecture and management, to ensure that our integrated telephone, computer and database technologies fully support our capabilities. The team also ensures that our customized member websites allow easy access to the specific solutions offered by the client for their employees, and that our reporting tools create better efficiencies to fully support their employees.

Management Team
Our executive management team, our highly experienced senior managers and other key executives. Our team has operational, medical, technical and administrative expertise and is uniquely qualified to manage a complex organization while meeting the diverse needs of our clients.

Ongoing Hiring and Training
We continually recruit candidates who have the expert skill set required to meet the growing needs of our clients. Our ongoing training and collaborative information-sharing programs ensure that our team is always up to date on healthcare developments, case outcomes and system upgrades.