Shanli Air Dryer Attend Manufacturing Indonesia in 6th -9th Dec 2017

publisher: Riven
Time: 2017-11-21

Manufacturing Indonesia Series is a 4 day event being held from 6th December to 9th December 2017 at the 

Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) in Jakarta, Indonesia. This event showcases product from Building Construction, 

Business Services, Minerals, Metals & Ores industries. This event showcases products like aluminium alloy products, 

automation and robotics, CAD, CAM and CAE software, engraving machines, forging and casting equipments, metal cutting 

machine tools, metal forming machine tools, moulds and dyes, parts,components and accessories etc. in the Building 

Construction, Business Services, Minerals, Metals & Ores industries.

We will bring our sample dryers.(refrigerated air dryer, adsorption air dryer and filters)

Please come to our booth and know more about our products!

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