Analysis of dryer market development

publisher: Milly
Time: 2017-11-03
After years of development, China's dryer industry has been gradually applied to various industries such as electronic appliances, food processing, food drying, pharmaceutical machinery and other industries, bringing great convenience to the economic development of various industries.
In the field of compressed air drying, compressed air drying machinery and equipment are frozen dryer, adsorption dryer, delikers dryer. Among them, the refrigeration dryer and adsorption dryer mainly. With the development and growth of industrial society, factories in China, large and small, have blossomed throughout the country and have been growing well every year. As a result, the demand for compressed air dryers has greatly increased. The estimated annual demand will reach tens of thousands of units.
In the field of grain drying, the small-sized drying and drying equipment (below 5t / h) for drying rice and wheat is estimated to have an annual demand of about one thousand; the annual demand of chemical drying equipment will reach 3,000 ( Sets); pharmaceutical drying equipment annual demand will reach 3000 sets (sets) or so; annual demand for agriculture and forestry native products drying equipment will reach 2,000 units (sets); light industry with the annual demand for drying equipment will reach 2000 Taiwan (sets) or so.
In the dryer type of equipment, will be heated by hot air drying equipment, vacuum drying equipment, other such as far-infrared drying equipment, microwave drying equipment and other special areas of users will gradually expand the number of applications; in the food, drug drying , The demand for larger format equipment in vacuum freeze-drying equipment will increase; the demand for equipment with a combination of features such as granulation-drying, drying-filtration will also increase; and high-automation drying equipment will be affected in some fields of application welcome. In addition, the appearance of drying equipment will be more and more attention to the quality of corrosive materials drying equipment, corrosion resistance and reliable service life, will be particularly concerned about the user.
In the face of huge market demand. China's dryer manufacturing enterprises should increase development efforts, we must make efforts in management innovation and technological innovation, make efforts to upgrade the upper product, in accordance with the requirements of high quality, low energy consumption, environment-friendly product structure, cultivate competitive advantage, Promote honest service and promote enterprise development.

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