Factors that affect the normal operation of the dryer.

publisher: Milly
Time: 2017-10-20
Factors that affect the normal operation of the dryer - working pressure

    Working pressure on the operation of the dryer has a greater impact, the specific performance in the following four areas:

1) The lower the compressed air pressure has been discussed earlier, the greater the regeneration gas. Compressed air saturated water content is inversely proportional to the pressure, that is, the lower the working pressure, the greater the humidity load of the dryer, so the required regeneration gas is also large.
2) From the structure of the dryer we know that the regeneration air is determined by the opening degree of the orifice plate or the ball valve and the pressure difference on both sides. In the case of a certain flow area, the amount of regenerated gas flowing through the orifice plate or ball valve is proportional to the pressure, and the decrease in the working pressure results in a decrease in the amount of regeneration gas, which reduces the regeneration efficiency of the drier and affects the adsorption efficiency.
3) The volume of compressed air is inversely proportional to the pressure, the lower working pressure increases the flow rate of the compressed air empty tower, the contact time between the adsorbent and the compressed air is shortened, resulting in a decrease in the dynamic adsorption capacity.
4) The pressure loss of the adsorbent bed is increased due to the decrease in pressure and the increase of the flow rate of the tower.
    So the work pressure will inevitably lead to lower product gas outlet dew point rise, regeneration gas increased, the pressure drop rise, especially non-thermal regenerative dryer is very sensitive to the pressure drop.
    In addition to the pressure drop will reduce the operating efficiency of the dryer have an impact, a wide range of pressure fluctuations will also affect the normal operation of the equipment. Especially with the piston-type air compressor supporting the situation is prone to this situation, of course, in some occasions on the gas demand changes will also occur when the pressure fluctuations. In this case, a suitable buffer tank or a pressure maintaining valve shall be provided in the system at the front of the dryer to ensure that the dryer is operated as far as possible under steady operating conditions.

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