2017 New Heatless Adsorption Air Dryer

2017 New Heatless Adsorption Air Dryer


2017 New Heatless Adsorption Air Dryer

Product Description
Heatless Purge Desiccant Air Dryer

Inlet temperature: 0~45C
Inlet oil content: ≤ 0.01ppm
Working pressure: 0.6~1.0Mpa
Dew point: ≤ -20C~-70C
Purge air: ≤ 12% ~15%
Desiccant: Activated alumina & molecular sieve
Purge mode: Heatless purge
Working method: Continuing alternative working between two towers
Working periods: T=4~20min
Control mode: Micron computer auto controlling
Installation mode: Indoor, non-basement

1. Consistent outlet pressure dew points
A\Rationalizing designed tower, ensure 4.8 second contact time, enough to dry saturated air at the dryer inlet to the desired dew point.
B\ 30% extra desiccant provide to compensate for natural bed aging, ensure top performance of desiccant bed.
C\Large flow diffusers ensure even flow distribution through bed, eliminates channeling.

2. Minimum purge air use, less than 12%, the lowest in the industry.
A\Excellent designing tower, saves 95% of the heat of adsorption, stored heat maintains purge air temperature during regeneration, maximizing the purge air's ability to carry off moisture, minimizing the amount of purge air required.
B\Drying and purging in counter flow arrangement, energy not wasted when wet air travels through dry desiccant.
C\Ability to match purge air use to the demand on the dryer.

3. Long desiccant life
A\Suitable tower sized make the air velocity through the bed won't fluidize desiccant, making good use of the desiccant.
B\Rationalizing system, remove oil and heavy contaminants before flowing into the tower, protects bed from contamination.

4. Using butterfly valve and reliable program controller which can be auto timing and auto switching, works stable and reliable, unaffected from electric net, pressure and electric field.

5. Scientifically designed switch time ensuring the air pressure being stable, running without waving.

6. Non basement, easy to install