2017 New Heated Adsorption Air Dryer

Time: 2017-01-05
Summary: 2017 New Heated Adsorption Air Dryer
Housewell heated desiccant air dryer systems operate on the principle of adsorption of water vapor from the air. The desiccant used is activated alumina, arranged in adsorption tower.
In the switching time, one tower is adsorbing while the other one is regenerating. When adsorbing, the compressed air flow through the air inlet valve, then flow into the tower to adsorb.

When regenerating, a portion of dried air is diverted from the main pipeline as regeneration gas, then through the regeneration control valve to the heater for a certain time, then the heat air flow down the second tower, taking away the moister, finallypass through the outlet valve and be discharged through the muffler to atmosphere.

Energy saving with air loss lower than 6%;
Continuous gas supply with significant solution, ensure that the adsorption tower running reliable, meanwhile avoid impact of adsorbent when instantaneous switch.
Programmable controller system, automatic mode of operation, unattended.
High performance of the whole system by long switch cycle;
Main parts use famous brands to ensure the equipment continuous stability;
Adopted external heater with low power consumption electrical components to improve the heating capability.
Using constant temperature controller, ensure constant temperature of regeneration air, keep off desiccant overheated.
Plenty of desiccant, ensure low steady dew point air supply.
Integrated delivery.

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