Combined type air dryer for power plant

Combined type air dryer for power plant


Combined type air dryer

Working principle

The hot and humid air compressor from air compressor, firstly heat exchange in heat exchanger and low temperature compressed air to lower temperature and then further cooled by the evaporator, the majority of gaseous water molecules condense to liquid water discharged in evaporator. Since a very low moisture content of the compressed air into the adsorption cylinder is further dehumidification drying, to obtain a lower product gas dew point, the final temperature of the drying air into the heat exchanger, cooling the inlet air temperature and humidity, while its temperature rise high, preventing the outer pipeline transportation condensation, after heating a small portion of dry compressed air for regeneration of the adsorbent, improve the regeneration efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Product description

Compressed air dryers are mainly two types refrigerated compressed air dryers and adsorption dryers.refrigerated compressed air dryers without gas loss, low-power advantages, but there are limitations of the dew point temperature, and adsorption dryer has the advantages of low dew point, but there is regeneration gas consumption high,energy consumption high shortcomings. Our company has developed a low dew point combined compressed air dryer is a combination of refrigeration and adsorb machine respective advantages, through reasonable pipe connection and capacity mix, maximize the advantages of both to achieve the best economic operating point and high-quality low dew product gas.

Working condition and technical specification

Inlet pressure:0.6~1.0MP

Finished product pressure dew point:-40℃~ -70℃

Cooling water temperature:≤32℃

Inlet temperature:≤45℃

Purge air:≤3~5%

Pressure drop:≤0.08MPa