Shanli Highlight 2

Shanli Highlight 2


Why Shanli is the leading brand air dryer manufacturer in China?Because we have many advantages compares with other suppliers.

4) The new designed air dryer uses stainless steel triple plate or alloy aluminumplate to replace the traditional carbon steel material, avoid the secondary pollution problems from carbon steel corrosion and reduce the risk of leakage.Greatly enhance the product performance, reduce the size of equipment, but alsobring visual aesthetics to the customer. (With map) (See Picture 4)

5) Heatexchanger adopts counter-current design, heat transfer effect is great. (SeePicture 5)

6) The main parts are renowned brands: (See Picture 6)

Refrigeration Compressors: Hitachi, Copeland, Performer, Bitzer

Expansionand Bypass Valves: Danfoss, Sporlan, Emerson

Electrical:Display dew point temperature, direct response to the device's true performance

Drainage:Electric discharge

7)Configuration and color and other non-standard requirements can be customized

II. Comprehensive product line

Refrigerated air dryer

Aircooled, water cooled, normal temperature, high inlet temperature, combined oneand so on.

Desiccant air dryer

Heatless,heated, Heat of compression, Blowing heat

Energy - saving products

Zero gasconsumption compression heat, blast heat dryer

Other products

Pre-cooler machine, water chiller, heat recovery unit, filter accessories and other products

rd requirements can be customized

III. Rapid and accurate service-solving capabilities

Sales + Marketing: Accurate, timely solution to pre-salecommunication problems (pre-sales)

Logistics Department + Production Department + Quality Department: Timelyproduction and delivery in accordance with the quality system standards (sale)

After-sales service department: a strong after-sales servicenetwork, professional service engineers covering domestic and global,(after-sales)

IV. Clients

Major customers: Fu Sheng, Atlas, Ingersoll-Rand, Boge, CompAir, SCR and other international

famous brand.