Time: 2016-12-14

We need to be more technological, insightful, sophisticated, modern and more innovative compared to the past, in order to maintain a fair commercial stance at the stage where our world stands through the internet revolution subsequent to industrialisation. 

In this course being followed with the working discipline, morality and broad vision handed down, we always worked by carrying our goals a step forward since 1997. We always endeavoured to manage producing and developing better, economical and more robust products. Today, it honours and makes us proud having happy customers and products representing us all over the world.

Shanli Comprehensive product line

Refrigerated air dryer,High inlet temperature Refrigerant air dryer,

water cooled Refrigerator air dryer,Air cooled Refrigeration air dryer.

Refrigerated compressed air dryer.Air cooled refrigerated air dryer,

combined type air dryer.

Heatless desiccant air dryer,heated adsorption air dryer,Heat of compression adsorption air dryer,

Blower purge adsorption air dryer

Zero purge heat of compression adsorption air dryer

Pre-cooler machine

water chiller, heat recovery unit, filter accessories and other products

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