When using compressed air filter

Time: 2016-12-10
Sometimes, by connecting a device to a compressed air supply station can not solve the quality problems of compressed air. In order to obtain the most suitable machinery work efficiency and product quality, in the internal air supply system or a separate department, compressed air users need to he will get the compressed gas quality can have an overall understanding of. ISO8573 can't answer the question, which requires AAPC compressor, compressed air and vacuum technology trade association for compressed air users to provide adequate advice.

Provide particles as little as possible as required.
The ISO standard is the principle of "on-demand, let the particles as small as possible". Because in addition to the technical requirements, AAPC member companies in the drafting of standard documents have been carefully considered various problems, consider the problem from the perspective of user cost even. Of course, the cost of investment is an important part of: high quality of compressed air, means that the equipment or high quality purification equipment expensive. However, more important is the operation cost of the equipment.
Nanjing Rui potential in international trade limited company can really provide users with real help.
Compressed air treatment includes several parts ( Filter Pre filter or dry filter combined device two, filter / concentrator and concentrated processing), product experts can help you plan a complete solution respectively. Those who want to choose their own filters, they must first familiarize yourself with the function of data related to the filter, and can set up a uniform initial conditions (pressure, flow, temperature, relative humidity and surrounding the entrance etc.).
Oil free compressor better?
In dealing with the pressure dew point, retention rate and residual oil content and other issues, people will soon find, "air quality" is a very complicated matter. Some time, some users may prefer a simple choice -- the most basic use of oil free compressor. The idea is, the use of oil free compressor at least residual oil content is no longer a need to consider the issue, so as to simplify the processing equipment, more affordable access to compressed air will become possible.
In fact, no oil compressor only to the compression chamber in the injector, however, compressor bearings and other components are needed for lubrication of the compressor, oil, also can arrive in the compressed air. Air suction type is the same, is easy to be polluted (remember, the average individual dust content is 20mg/m3), therefore, in any case, purification treatment is essential. Especially when the oil free compressor generates compressed air than the lubricating oil produced by the compressor compressed air temperature is high, it will be more wet dirt particle adhesion. Anyway, regardless of the choice of oil free compressor and oil lubricating compressor, efficient purification process is a must.

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