The compressor in energy saving field of tobacco enterprises

The compressor in energy saving field of tobacco enterprises

1, overview

The air compressor is to convert mechanical energy into gas pressure to the device, widely used in iron and steel, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, textile, tobacco and other industries. Cigarette factory compressor to supply compressed air for cigarette production equipment, is one of the important source of the application in the production of cigarette, cigarette machine, packing machine, wire production equipment, logistics equipment, dedusting equipment, air powered equipment for the pneumatic components and process components, reliable and efficient operation, it is an important guarantee can the cigarette production. In cigarette production enterprises, the installed capacity is generally larger, usually three shift operation, continuous operation time is long, the power consumption is relatively large, accounting for about 12% of the total energy consumption of enterprises. Continuously improve the level of energy-saving management of compressor, reduce the consumption of compressed air and single box cigarette factory, is a "cigarette quality" embody.

2, the cigarette factory compressor characteristics

The compressor equipment used in cigarette production enterprises and the maintenance operation crowd and other industries have certain difference, need to identify.

2.1 compressor equipment

Then the cigarette factory completed a new round of technological transformation, oil-free screw compressor has become the basic principle set, oil screw compressor is composed of a pair of parallel meshing rotors (or screw rotation) in the cylinder, the volume change of the rotor slot between the air continuously produce periodic air, along the axis of the rotor from the suction side to the output side transmission, realize the whole process of screw compressor suction, compression and exhaust, the rotor is driven by the main electric motor rotation. Oil free screw compressor is widely used, but in the use of multiple compressors in cigarette factory to form a system, automatic or manual operation to provide compressed air for the production configuration. The system provides unlimited space for the promotion of energy saving management.

2.2 operation and maintenance of compressor group

Cigarette factory by compressor power workshop (Department) is responsible for the maintenance of power plant operation, cigarette factory (Department) are responsible for the energy supply, compared with other departments in the professional, classification, type of work, is of special equipment, with a few personnel. Make air pressure equipment maintenance operations on the target too much emphasis on stability, lack of attention in energy conservation.

Making use of compressed air and gas standard department, due to lack of knowledge or lack of awareness of power and energy, not solid set supply standard, the pressure is high not low, the amount is not on, the safety coefficient increase often in actual demand, energy management upgrade large space.

3, cigarette factory compressor energy saving management measures

3.1 improve the understanding of compressor energy saving management

To improve the understanding of compressor energy saving management, is the key to enhance the management level. The Department responsible for the compressor, the compressor should continue to strengthen the operation and maintenance of staff training, with the increasing maturity of compressor products, should transfer air pressure operation and maintenance personnel training center, to "stable" to "efficient operation". At the same time, the need for the working principle of compressed air compressor, energy consumption, key personnel to publicize and popularize the development of specific personnel as well as indicators of the Department of energy management, improve energy sector in the understanding of the work, should also focus on energy consumption equipment of concern and awareness of energy saving, energy supply and universal awareness of knowledge, and can make the compressor or compressed air related personnel, inspiration, in the work of breakthrough ideas, to improve the management of energy saving compressor.

3.2 change of compressor maintenance operation ideas

The above mentioned "to maintain stable and reliable operation of the compressor" target concept, is not mature in the compressor products, produced by the unit control system is not mature period, with the establishment of control mode and materials science and technology development, should change the idea, to be efficient Festival goal. For example: repair work can not stay in the normal operation of equipment is Everything will be fine., gas compressor to observation there is no change, there is no change in the resistance of the system, pipe filters, vacuum pressure regulating equipment is not in high operating range. Because the compressor outlet pressure setting decreased 1 kilograms, the compressor energy saving in 5%-8%. Maintenance personnel should study the compressor supply system, inverter compressor when transformed into a compressor in response to volume fluctuations, improve the compressor efficiency of gas production, timely replacement or efficient use of lubricating oil to improve the compressor efficiency of gas production, timely cleaning the cooling system to improve the gas production efficiency and so on. For example: operators in the operating equipment, not only to meet the supply index, but also reduce the compressor with units, reduce the compressor no-load time etc..Responsible for equipment maintenance and management of compressor operators, should focus on improving compressor or system efficiency as the goal for the management and evaluation of staff.

3.3 change of compressed air using Department thinking.

The compressed air as a power source of high energy consumption in use by departments, should be used to change the pattern of the original, not in the general equipment support for production use, such as dust, cooling, drying, reducing the waiting time with pressure in the production schedule, centralized production, the most important is to change the performance of the equipment, reduce the equipment using air pressure, such as most of its production equipment need only 0.3MPa working pressure, and most gas is more than 0.6MPa; the continuous improvement of equipment, reduce the scientific use of gas, such as the national tobacco industry nineteenth and QC group results, Xiamen tobacco industry Limited liability company QC group of auspicious clouds tobacco stem washing and drying the compressed air is improved, the energy consumption of compressed air dried directly, directly reduce the compressed air consumption points. Change the use department ideas, eventually manifested through hard work is the consumption of compressed air pressure drop, a decline in demand, ultimately reflected in the energy saving management level up.

3.4 functional requirements of energy conservation management

All the departments in the principle and status of gas production by gas compressor, the energy saving management assessment and target decomposition should be fully reflected in the scientific, standard system in cigarette factory should be included in the specification and construction, the formation of long-term mechanism of rising, energy-saving target enterprises can be realized. Such as the establishment of "gas electricity" performance system, promote responsible departments continuously improve the compressor efficiency of gas production; the establishment of "single box production volume" performance system, promote the use of compressed air department constantly looking for ways to reduce the compressor load; solar term, the function should also be properly bear the energy index, to optimize the product structure optimization, production scheduling, optimization adjusting the process parameters, and ultimately make concerted efforts, continuously improve the energy efficiency of the compressor, improve the energy efficiency of enterprises, improve the competitiveness of enterprise products.

4, conclusion

The level of energy-saving management of cigarette factory compressor has a deeper potential, it also has great economic benefits, worthy of attention and development. In the application of the above four measures, also can adopt the quality management theory, using the PDCA cycle, continuous improvement, continuous improvement, improve the management level of the compressor energy saving at the same time, also erected a reference for the similar heavy energy saving equipment management level.