Air compressor

Air compressor

Air compressor (English: air compressor) is Gas source The main device, it is the original motive (usually motor) devices that convert mechanical energy into pressure energy, is the pressure of compressed air generator.

The characteristics of compressor driven directly by the motor, the crankshaft rotating, the piston connecting rod is driven to make reciprocating movement, causing the cylinder volume change. Due to the change of pressure within the cylinder, the air inlet valve to make the air through air filter (muffler) into the cylinder, in the compression stroke, the cylinder volume reduced, compressed air through the exhaust valve, the exhaust pipe, a one-way valve (check valve) into the gas tank, when the exhaust pressure reaches the rated pressure of 0.7MPa by the pressure switch control and automatic shutdown. When the tank pressure drops to 0.5--0.6MPa pressure switch automatically connected to start.

Many kinds of classification of air compressor, according to the working principle can be divided into volume compressor, compressor speed, volume of the compressor working principle is the volume of compressed gas, the gas molecules in the unit volume density increased to increase the pressure of compressed air; working principle of speed compressor is to increase the velocity of gas molecules, kinetic energy the gas molecule has transformed into gas pressure energy, thereby increasing the pressure of compressed air.

Now commonly used air compressor piston type air compressor, screw type air compressor, (screw air compressor is divided into double screw compressor and single screw air compressor), centrifugal compressor, sliding vane air compressor, scroll air compressor. The following is the definition of a variety of compressor. Cam type, diaphragm and the diffusion pump compressor is not included, because they use special and relatively small size.

Volume type compressor -- directly relies on the changes of gas volume to improve the compressor gas pressure.

Reciprocating compressor -- type compressor, the compression element is a piston in the cylinder, reciprocating motion.

Rotary compressor -- type compressor, compression is achieved by the forced movement of the rotating components of the.

Rotary vane compressor, variable displacement compressor, the axial radial sliding vane in the same cylinder on the eccentric rotor. Slip between the trapped air is compressed after discharge.

Liquid piston compressor - rotary type compressor, in which water or other liquids as the piston to compress the gas, and the gas discharge.

Double roots rotor compressor - the case of rotary type compressor, in which two roots rotor meshing can be stopped and the gas, from the inlet to outlet. No internal compression.

Screw compressor - rotary type compressor, in which two with spiral gear meshing rotor, so as to compress the gas and discharge.

Speed type compressor is continuous rotary air compressor, in which high-speed rotation of the blade passing through it so as to accelerate the gas, speed can be transformed into pressure. This transformation occurs in part of rotary blade, part in fixed diffuser or reflux condenser baffle.

Centrifugal compressor is a speed - type compressor, one or more rotating impeller (in which the leaves are usually on the side) to speed up the gas. The main flow is radial.

Axial flow compressor - speed is accelerated by the compressor, rotor with blades in gas. The main flow is axial.

Mixed flow compressor - is speed compressor, the rotor shape combination of centrifugal and axial flow type are some characteristics.

Jet type compressor - jet gas flow away inhaled by high-speed gas or steam, and then in the speed regulator, mixed gas expansion into pressure.