In the domestic laboratory by spray freeze drying machine successfully developed

In the domestic laboratory by spray freeze drying machine successfully developed

    Spray freeze dryer is a revolutionary new technology development in twenty-first Century, the comprehensive advantages of spray drying and freeze drying, and effectively avoid the shortcomings of the two, with respect to the freeze dryer, spray freeze drying machine with lower energy consumption, low carbon requirements, drying the samples of granular, liquidity is very good, not need to re grinding, to spray, spray freeze drying machine for less destruction of nutrients, but does not change the biological activity, a wider range of applications.

    In foreign countries, spray freeze drying (Spray freeze drying, SFD) technology applied in drug microencapsulation and milk production more and more, especially, the previous drug microcapsule mainly depends on the spray drying technology, but the spray drying process, the drying process is a high temperature, there will be a lot of thermosensitive drug, physical and chemical properties and even changes, the actual impact of the components of drugs. The spray freeze drying technology is mainly combined with 2 kinds of spray freezing and freeze drying technology. Compared with the traditional freeze drying technology, SFD has the following advantages: (1) the rapid freezing of fine dispersed droplets immersed in low temperature liquid atomization, can weaken the growth of the ice crystals, reducing of liposome damage, avoid drug leakage and burst release; (2) frozen samples after vacuum drying to form spherical particles with porous structure, good fluidity, and the particle size can be adjusted by changing the spray process.

    Shanghai pilotech equipment limited company successfully developed a laboratory spray freeze dryer YC- 3000, to fill the gaps in the domestic laboratory spray freeze drying equipment in the field of research and development. In the laboratory for complete simulation of spray freeze the whole process, can be used in the laboratory to determine the original recipe, taste / formula screening, evaluation, color stabilizer / emulsifier application, shelf life test and production as customers samples, the experimental data can be used in industrial production directly. Suitable for drying heat sensitive, viscous, active material and high sugar content of materials at low temperature, such as Chinese herbal medicine extraction of natural products, liquid dairy products, biological agents, enzyme preparation, fruit juice, polymer materials etc..

    YC-3000 laboratory spray freeze drying machine main characteristics:

1, laboratory spray freeze dryer of the spray drying and vacuum freeze drying two organic combination, short drying time required, greatly shortens the time of vacuum freeze drying and traditional, dried powder material is solid, by spray freeze drying products, bio chemical characteristics, the original basically unchanged. Easy, long term preservation, water can be recovered to the lyophilized form, and can keep its original biochemical characteristics;

2, the use of air-cooled condensing equipment closed compressor refrigeration system, rapid cooling, freezing for low temperature, moisture adsorption capacity, temperature, vacuum degree are accurate, digital display, intuitive;

3, spray freezing dry goods by air natural heating sublimation, maintain the safety of the sample;

4, the host is equipped with a vacuum pump power plug, without additional power supply, easy to use;

5, using the international standard vacuum connection clamp, convenient and reliable;

6, stable performance, simple operation, low noise;

7, quick freezing and spray drying compared with traditional freeze drying machine: liquid material can be glued to the wall, the organic fast freeze drying (extract juice, etc.), and the dried products were particle state, good fluidity, the particle size can be adjusted in a certain range.