The 5th Ingredient: Learn How Oil-free Compressed Air Can Keep Your Beer Pure

Time: 2016-11-22

    Today’s brewing process is a technical art that relies on high-quality ingredients, exact recipes and infallible equipment. From precise bottling lines to premium packaging solutions, state of art machinery is essential for consistency. The sentimental view of brewing does get one thing right — beer should be pure. Many brewers add other ingredients to create flavors and variety, but outside contamination should be avoided at all costs. Exclusively using 100 percent oil-free compressed air is required for many applications throughout breweries.

  Air dryers are pivotal machines in many food and beverage applications. Compressed air is used throughout process facilities for instrument air, control systems, transport and packaging. In breweries, compressed air is most often used for operating various functions in canning, bottling and kegging along with wort aeration. While oil-lubricated compressed air has historically been used in breweries for control air and valve actuation, using that same air for aeration or purging can have detrimental effects on the beer.

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