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Which exhibition will Shanli attend in 2019?

Shanli will attend two exhibitions this year:1. Hannover Messe in Germany during 1-5 Apr,2019, welcome to our booth in Hall26 D73-3.2. PCVExpo in Russia in October, 2019.

Drying air for use in commercial or industrial processes that demand dry air

Telecomm industry (pressurizes its underground cables to repel moisture and avoid shorts)PaintingPneumatic toolsTextile manufacturingPneumatic control systemsFeed air for zeolite type oxygen and nitrogen generatorsDental office airTruck and train air brake systems.Submarine ballast tank blow systems (implemented on American submarines after USS Thresher (SSN-593) disaster)

How many patents do you have?

Over 31 patents which is the most in China airdryer industry.

Type of drainage

Our company has electronic drainage and zero gas consumption drainage  to choose.

Shanli refrigerated air dryer expansion valve brand.


Is Shanli a top supplier in air dryer industry?

Shanli provide a comprehensive range of purification equipment, has a big market share in China.    ●Established in 1997   ●New workshop covers 30, 000 M2   ●Over 300 professional staff   ●CE and ISO9001:2008 certification   ●The most 31 patents among the industry   ●Annualoutput of 12,000 sets of equipment   ●Export to 100 different countries

Why to choose Shanli products?

 Why to choose Shanli?(1)Strong technical force, 26 professional engineers, with 31 product patents, domestic and overseas service-solving capabilities(2)Comprehensive Product LineStable low dew point refrigerated dryer, energy saving desiccant dryer. Big capacity dryer production capability(3)More than 20 years industry experience, domestic market share about 10%, workshop of 30000m2(4)Long term and stable cooperation with famous air compressor supplier, Atlas copco, Ingersoll rand, Boge, Compair and Fusheng.

Something about our desiccant compressed air dryer.

A desiccant compressed air dryer uses a special material, called desiccant to dry the compressed air. This desiccant is made of a material that really ‘likes’ water, the water sticks to the surface of the desiccant. Every once in a while, the desiccant needs to be dried, or ‘regenerated’, to remove the water again.A desiccant dryer usually has two identical towers, filled with desiccant. One tower is used to dry the compressed air, while the other tower is regenerated.Shanli Desiccant Air Dryer Type: heat-less desiccant air dryer, heated desiccant air dryer, heat of compression desiccant air dryer, heated blower desiccant air dryer and modular desiccant air dryer.For adsorbents, we use activated alumina and molecular sieve。

What is the working principle of refrigerated air dryer?

Normally compressed air water vapor content is determined by the temperature of the compressed air; keeping the pressure of compressed air in the case of unchanged, it can reduce the compressed air in the water vapor content which reducing the temperature of the compressed air, and the excess water vapor condenses into a liquid. The freeze dryer for drying compressed air refrigeration technology is adopted by this principle. Therefore, the Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer is with cooling system.Shanli refrigerated air dryer based on the relationship between the saturation water vapor pressure and temperature, refrigerated air dryer can effciently precipitate water from compressed air with the usage of refrigeration device to cool the compressed air to a certain dew point temperature. Then the water will be discharged by separator and auto water drain to make the compressed air dired.

How many compressed air drying methods?

When compressing air, liquid is also brought into the air stream.  When cooling, that liquid condenses and is delivered with the compressed air to your tool or application.  There are a number of ways of removing or reducing the amount of liquid in the air stream.  These include:Storage Tank Cooling MethodAfter-coolingAir-cooled Water Cooled Absorption Drying

What information do we need when you send us inquiry?

What basic information do we need when you send us inquiry?For refrigerated air dryer:We need to know the power supply, inlet air temperature, ambient temperature, PDP requirement and working pressure .For desiccant air dryer:We need to know the power supply, PDP requirement and working pressure .

The Working Principle of Compressed Air Dryer

A: Refrigerated dryerThe refrigerated dryer uses the cooling air to precipitate the moisture of the moist air from the air after condensation and obtain the drier air.working principleThe humid and high temperature of the compressed air into the front cooler (high temperature type) heat dissipation into the heat exchange and discharged from the evaporator cool air for heat exchange, so that the compressor into the compressed air temperature.After the heat transfer of compressed air into the evaporator through the evaporator heat transfer function and refrigerant heat exchange, compressed air heat is taken away by the refrigerant, compressed air quickly cooled, moisture in the humid air to saturation temperature quickly condensed, After the condensation of water after the formation of water droplets, through the gas-water separator high-speed rotation, the role of centrifugal force and air separation, separation of water from the automatic drainage valve discharge. After the cooling of the compressed air pressure dew point theory up to +3 ~ +10 ℃, the general measured at +20 ℃ above.B: Adsorption dryerAdsorption dryer using the principle of pressure swing adsorption, wet air through the adsorbent, the moisture absorbed by the adsorbent to get dry air. working principleA large amount of air discharged from the air compressor flows through the compressed air inlet pipe and enters the running tower in the two towers through the valve, where the moisture is absorbed by the adsorbent and dried. When the air flow to the top of the tower, the moisture in the air is completely absorbed, the pressure dew point of up to -20 ~ -70 ℃, so as to achieve the purpose of drying, the entire cycle standard takes 10 minutes, each tower for 5 minutes, During the course of work (running tower), the other tower in the regeneration state (non-operating tower) regeneration time of 4.5 minutes, continued pressure time 0.5 minutes. During the regeneration process, a portion of the dry air in the running tower enters the non-operating tower by the regenerated air volume control valve to bring the water in the tower to the atmosphere through the silencer. Its operating time for the amount of equipment handling capacity of 12% to 15%....Heatless regeneration: regeneration of dry air by the regeneration of the air flow control valve into the regeneration group outlet buffer chamber, dry gas in the regeneration group core adsorption chamber expansion after decompression to atmospheric pressure, from top to bottom on the regeneration of the sub-sieve to purify the adsorbent In vivo molecular sieves and adsorbent separation, analysis in dry air, with the regeneration of gas from the muffler excluded. Regeneration gas consumption ≤ 5%Heated regeneration: regeneration of dry air through the regeneration of the air flow control valve into the regeneration group outlet gas flow chamber, high temperature dry gas in the regeneration group core adsorption chamber expansion decompression to atmospheric pressure, from top to bottom on the regeneration of the sub-sieve for cleaning, adsorption Agent will speed up the body of water and adsorbent separation, analysis in dry air, with the regeneration of gas from the muffler discharge. 

How to Select the Right Compressed Air Dryer

Know the Temperatures Should know the inlet air temperature.Should know the inlet Ambient temperature.Know the Actual using conditionThe working pressureThe power supplyThe using countryKnow Each UseThere are many other uses requiring moisture removal to a low dew point. For example, railroad tank cars, which carry liquid chlorine, are padded (charged) with compressed air to enable pneumatic unloading. Chlorine will combine with water vapor to form hydrochloric acid; therefore, the compressed air must have minimum moisture content to prevent severe corrosion. Droplets of moisture in wind tunnel air at high- testing velocities may have the effect of machine gun bullets, tearing up the test models. Air used for low temperature processing (for example, liquefaction of nitrogen or oxygen) can form ice on cooling coils, thus requiring defrosting. The lower the moisture content of the air, the longer the periods between defrosting shutdowns.

What is the application of Compressed air dryer?

Every facility has differing application needs and usage demands, but selecting the right compressed air dryer for the situation will have a significant impact on energy savings and efficiencies.Compressed air systems account for a significant portion of a facility’s overall operating costs. Choosing the right type of compressed air dryer for the application, and making sure that dryer is using energy in proportion to the demand when possible, can yield major savings over the life of the system.Two categories of air dryers — refrigerated dryers and desiccant dryers — are widely used in industrial applications, and both have a place in the market. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all dryer solution for every facility. However, looking at the energy costs associated with the various options can help determine which solution will be most beneficial.