What is the start procedure of the dryer?
1、Switch on the electricity power and close the air switch. At this time, the power indication light (red) will be on.
2、As to the water-cooled dryer, open the inlet and outlet valve of the cooling water.
3、Press the green start button; then wait till the start indication lamp(Green) lights
for 5 minutes, the compressor begins to work. The run indication lamp (Green) lights.
4、Check the compressor works normally without any noises. As to R22 refrigerant, the
normal reading range of the refrigerant LP pressure is between 0.3 and 0.5MPa.
5、If everything is normal, open the air compressor and the inlet and outlet check valve
to transmit the compressed air into the dryer; and meanwhile close the by-pass valve.
At this moment, the air outlet pressure will be showed by the air pressure gauge.
6、Observe the working performance for 5 to 10minutes,the designed 2-10℃ pressure dew
point can be reached. And meanwhile, the normal high pressure and low pressure of
refrigerant reading are as below.
Low pressure of refrigerant: R22 and R407C 0.3~0.5MPa R134A 0.1~0.3Mpa
High pressure of refrigerant: R22 and R407C 1.2~1.8MPa R134A 0.7~1.1Mpa
7、Open the copper ball valve on the automatic drainage slowly to discharge all the
condensed water.

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