What is the difference between non-thermal adsorption dryer and micro-thermal adsorption dryer?
The difference between the working principle
No heat absorption dryer is based on the principle of pressure swing adsorption, regeneration cycle, the use of self-heating (no external heat source) for adsorption and drying. (After the regeneration group is expanded and decompressed to atmospheric pressure, the dry compressed air is purged from the top to the bottom, the moisture in the adsorbent is separated from the adsorbent, and analyzed in dry air and discharged together with the regenerated gas.
Micro-thermal adsorption dryer is based on the principle of pressure swing adsorption, regeneration cycle, the use of external (electric heating) micro-heating regeneration of compressed air adsorption drying. (Micro heat adsorption dryer, the advantages of integrated pressure swing adsorption and temperature swing adsorption, adsorption at room temperature high steam partial pressure (work); at higher temperatures, low steam partial pressure analysis (regeneration), speed up the analysis speed, Greatly reducing the amount of regeneration purge gas.)
Renewable gas consumption is different
Regeneration gas without heat absorption dryer consumes about 12 to 15%, slightly regenerated gas consumption in 6%.
heating method
No heat absorption dryer without electric heating, micro heat adsorption dryer requires electric heating.
Drying effect
Micro-thermal adsorption dryer than non-thermal regeneration adsorption dryer is better.
Advantages and disadvantages of non-thermal adsorption dryer
Advantages: simple structure, easy maintenance;
Disadvantages: large gas consumption, high energy quality, effective gas supply is small, and sometimes dew point is not stable enough.
The advantages and disadvantages of micro-thermal adsorption dryer
Advantages: work cycle is longer, and the gas dew point stability;
Disadvantages: energy consumption is still too large, it is necessary to spend 7% of the compressed air, but also consume some electricity.

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