What are the factors that affect the poor performance of the dryer
1: Dryer is not properly matched
Many companies require higher compressed air weight, but the use of cold and dry machine, the minimum pressure dew point of the dryer can only reach +10 ℃, can not meet the gas needs of pneumatic components, adsorption dryer should be used.
2: Adsorption dryer matching is not correct
Adsorption dryer on the market there are three twin towers, modules and core. Twin towers and module adsorption dryer due to structural and technical constraints, there is instability in drying performance, the use of gas side, the use of core-type adsorption dryer.
Double tower adsorption dryer defects: uneven airflow distribution, there adsorption dead, easy to form a "tunnel" effect, high energy consumption, secondary fill the adsorbent difficult, the phenomenon of filling the adsorbent is not close. This is the main reason for the unstable twin-tower dryer.
Module Adsorption Dryer Defects: Addition of secondary adsorbent difficult, filling not close, resulting in dryer can not be stable, long-lasting operation.
3: dryer model matching is not correct
Select the dryer, should pay attention to the actual conditions, such as: intake temperature, intake pressure, dryer gas handling capacity.
4: adsorbent should be promptly replaced
Dryer early in use, the drying effect is the best, but over time, the long-term use of desiccant, resulting in desiccant adsorption performance weakened, powdered adsorbent, etc., should be replaced in time to ensure that the dryer dryer stability Long-lasting operation.
The core drier adopts the structure of inlet and outlet gas buffer chambers to form up-and-down convection, reasonably distribute the gas source, eliminate the dead angle of adsorption, improve the uneven airflow distribution in double-tower dryer, easy powdering of adsorbent and easy formation of tunnel effect ; Solve the adsorption dryer again replace the adsorbent difficult, filling difficult to close the defects.

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