What's the disadvantages for shell and tube type air dryer?
General Data: Air inlet pressure:0.6-1.0MPa Max air inlet pressure:1.0MPa Air inlet temp:25-45 C Max air inlet temp:45C Ambient temp:5-38 C Max ambient temp:38 C 
1.Heat exchanger,Evaporator and Gas-liquid Separator be separated together 
2.Pressure dew point of 7 C in rated condition(7bar/Inlet temp 38C/Ambient temp 38C) 
3.Higher compressor power mean more power consumption. 
4.Higher evaporator load means moer energy 4.Higher evaporator load means moer energy consumption. 
5.Pressure loss≤3.5% of inlet pressure 
6.Dew point is not very stable 
7.Without this function. 
8.Optional configuration 
9.Optional configuration 
10.Bigger size.Dimension of SLAD-10NF:1090*770*1238mm10NF:1090*770*1238mm 
11.Heavier weight: SLAD-10NF:250KG 

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