What's the advantage for Shanli plate fin type air dryer?
General Data: General Data: Air inlet pressure:0.6-1.6MPa Max air inlet pressure:1.6MPa Air inlet temp:25-60 C Max air inlet temp:60C Ambient temp:5-50 C Max ambient temp:50 C 
1 Th i d i Ht h E t d1.Three-in-one design:Heat exchanger,Evaporator and Gas-liquid Separator be combined together 
2.Low Dew Point:Stable pressure dew point of 3 C in rated condition(7bar/Inlet temp 38C/Ambient temp 38C) 
3.Energy saving of 20% for compressor power. 
4.Bigger precooler and backheating design to reduce the4.Bigger precooler and backheating design to reduce the 15% load for the evaporator to reduce the cost. 
5.Lower flow rate design to reduce the pressure loss and refrigerating capacity loss.Pressure loss≤2.5% of inlet pressure 
6.High capacity of gas-liquid separator to ensure the stable dew point. 
7.Real time display the dew point 
8.Standard configuration of Expansion Valve and Hot Gas By Pass Valve 
9.Standard configuration of Electronic Drainer 
10.Compact design.Dimension of SLAD-10NF:820*700*1040mm10NF:820*700*1040mm 
11.Light weight: SLAD-10NF:200KG 

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