Tell me something about Shanli?
Q:Is Shanli an manufacturer?
A:Yes,Shanli is the biggest air dryer manufacturer with 20 year histroy.
Q:Is Shanli a famous brand in China?
A:Yes,Shanli is the leading brand in China with No 1 market share.
Q:How many staff in your factory?
A:Over 300 professional staff.
Q:How many square meters of your factory?
A:30,000 square meters which is the biggest among the air dryer industry.
Q:What about your customers?
A:Shanl has done OEM service for Boge and supporting supplier for Atlas,Compair,Ingersoll Rand.
Q:What about your sales volume in 2016?
A:In 2016,our sales volume was 30 million USD.
   Here is the sale volume for suppoting air compressor brand in China:
   Ingersoll Rand:3.5 million USD
   Atlas Copco:3 million USD
   Compair:2.5 million USD
   Boge:2 million USD

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