What about the technical data for refrigerant dryer?
Technical Specification:
Air Capacity:30-18000 m3/h/0.5-300m3/min 
Pressure: 0.6-1.6 MPa 
Inlet temperature: 15-60C
Ambient temp: 5-50C
Cooling Type: air-cooled type
Power: 220V/380V/50Hz or 60Hz
Refrigerant: R22/R134a /R407C 
*Rated condition:
Air inlet pressure 0.7MPa,
Air Inlet temp 38C
Ambient temp 38C
PDP 2-10C
OEM and ODM service is available.
Compressor:Hitachi or Bitzer
Hot gas by pass valve:Danfoss
Automatic expansion valve:Danfoss
Heat Exchanger:Aluminum plate fin type
Auto Drain:Electric Drainer
Note: Refrigerator air dryer without metal box board for over 80 m3/ min. 
Other special standards can be customized.

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