What is Compressed Air Energy Storage

What is Compressed Air Energy Storage

    Compressed Air Energy Storage is one of the emerging "Bulk Energy Storage" technologies for storing energy - typically the energy is generated and stored during off-peak periods, and dispatched to the electric grid during peak demand times. 

    One Bulk Energy Storage method is Compressed Air Energy Storage - since the wind doesn't always provide enough energy for wind turbine generators to generate electricity, will store the wind energy when they generate power and "off-peak electricity" to pressurize and store air underground.  The air can be used later, by releasing it to drive generators. 

    The problem with wind energy - particularly in Texas and the wind belt, much of the wind power is generated at night-time, when the power isn't as valuable.  "Dispatchable Wind" power becomes a reality withCompressed Air Energy Storage making wind energy available in real time, or "saved" for later when power is needed.

   The Department of Energy (DOE) is presently working with several states to build Compressed Air Energy Storage parks, which would integrate a 75- to 150-megawatt (MW) wind farms, that are integrated with theCompressed Air Energy Storage parks.   

    Before a Compressed Air Energy Storage can be used, the underground caverns that store the wind energy, must be of the right geological size, depth formation and cap rock structure.