What's the advantages for refrigerated air dryer?
1.Technical Force
   Technical research and development capabilities: 35 R & D personnel, including five senior engineers, 12
   engineers, 18 assistant engineers. (Innovation) Award Fund has set up, the company so far has 30 patents.
2.Strong Corporate Strength
  Established in1997, an area of 30,000M2, more than 300 employees
  Market share: No.1 in China
  2016 annual sales: 28 million US dollars
  Certificate ISO/ CE, production license
3.Automatic expansion valve and hot gas bypass valve replace capillary, which overcome the shortcomings of
  the capillary. It can also guarantee the stability of the refrigerant low pressure in the case of the large changes of
  the load can not only meet dew point performance at the high load conditions in summer but also guarantee
  normal operation under low load conditions in winter.

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